Spotlight Initiative Grenada: Call For Proposals For Small Grants (CFP BRB30/CFP 2021/07)


Under the Spotlight Initiative, UN Women MCO- Caribbean invites proposals (CFP BRB30/ CFP 2021/07) from eligible Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) based in Grenada to implement advocacy campaigns developed by the community that are evidence-based, theory driven, culturally relevant, strategic and sustainable, to promote positive social norms and practices on gender equality, healthy relationships, masculinities and non-violent parenting, and increase positive community responses to incidents of family and sexual violence. (Pillar 3, Activity 3.2.3- 2 Grants at USD 17,000 equivalent each).

The key pillars of the Spotlight Initiative include:

Pillar 1: Laws and Policies
Pillar 2: Institutional Capacities
Pillar 3: Social Norms and Behaviours
Pillar 4: Services
Pillar 5: Data Availability and Utilisation
Pillar 6: Women’s Rights Groups, Autonomous Social Movements and CSOs

Civil society organisations (CSOs) and the women’s movement have played a critical role in advocacy and service provision to end violence against women and girls, within the context of family violence. CSOs and the women’s movement will also play a critical role in the implementation of the Spotlight Initiative.

In Grenada, UN Women functions as the Technical Coherence Lead while leading on Pillars 3 and 6. UNDP will lead Pillars 2and 5; UNICEF, Pillar 1; and PAHO/WHO, Pillar 4

Submission deadline: 11:59 pm (AST) on June 11, 2021

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