The Spotlight Initiative: Small Grant Applications


The European Union (EU) and the United Nations (UN) have embarked on a new, global, multi-year initiative focused on eliminating all forms of violence against women and girls (VAWG) - The Spotlight Initiative. The Initiative is so named as it brings focused attention to the issue of violence against women and girls, moving it into the spotlight and placing it at the centre of efforts to achieve gender equality and women's empowerment, in line with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. In the Caribbean the focus of the Initiative is Family violence (FV), which is defined as a manifestation of gender inequality, created through unequal gender power relations, which overlap with harmful masculine stereotypes.

UN Women plans to award small grants to eligible Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Grenada, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago to receive grants in order to contribute to the objectives of the Spotlight Initiative objectives to prevent family violence.

An application must contain all relevant information showing that the applicant and the proposed activities are eligible.  All applications must be in English. Hand-written applications will not be accepted. Please use the attached application form in Annex A when submitting your application.

Please submit a registration certificate evidencing that the applicant is a registered CSO that has been in operation for three years. (If this is not possible please indicate this in your application and state why)

UN Women will reject any application that doesn’t contain enough information to show that the application or the activities are eligible.

The application must be received by UN-Women email, found in the application form below, no later than 11:59pm on 23 April 2020. UN Women will not consider applications sent by any other means or to different addresses.