COMMONWEALTH OF DOMINICA COVID-19 Macroeconomic and Human Impact Assessment Data

COVID19 HEAT Commonwealth of Dominica

Based on research conducted by Dr. Simon Naitram; Ms. Stacia Howard and Dr. Antonio Alleyne

This report forms part of the COVID-19 Human and Economic Assessment of Impact (HEAT) Series.  The COVID-19 pandemic is projected to increase the strain on the economy as supply chain disruptions, reduced domestic consumption and lower remittances will increase the downward pressure on economic growth. Building on baseline scenarios, the report presents the likelihood of a GDP decline in excess of 6% in 2020, with unemployment levels in excess of 25% and a fiscal deficit exceeding 7% of GDP.

The report recommends a series of short and medium term interventions, including a grant- funded expansion of the Public Assistance Programme, transitioning of employees of the National Employment Programme to sustainable livelihoods, support for e-learning, increased support for both vertical and horizontal economic diversification and the develop a more resilient social protection system.

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