CTO Courtesy Call to UN Women MCO Caribbean


Picture of CTO SG Donna Prosper and UN Women MCO Caribbean Representative Tonni Brodber at UN House

Ms. Regis Prosper (Caribbean Tourism Organisation) and Ms. Tonni Brodber (UN Women MCO-Caribbean). Photo/Sharon Carter-Burke


Bridgetown, Barbados: Investing in women to accelerateprogress - #IWD2024 - through resilient and sustainable initiatives were among the topics discussed when @unwomencaribbean Representative Tonni Brodber, received Ms. Dona Regis Prosper, Secretary General of the @caribbeantourismorganisation, at the UN Women MCO Caribbean office.

Ms. Brodber and Ms. Regis Prosper discussed training and innovative financing opportunities for women in small and micro enterprises with tourism being a main direct employer of women in the Caribbean and indirect employer, as a market for their small businesses.

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