Gender Responsive Budgeting: A Tool for Enhancing Parliamentary Oversight and Accountability

In most countries, parliamentary debate on and approval of the national budget is required. This makes parliamentarians critical actors in ensuring that budget allocations and expenditures are undertaken in a transparent, accountable and fair manner. Gender responsive budgeting (GRB), is a strategy to achieve gender equality, by ensuring that interventions required to eliminate inequalities between women and men and boys and girls are adequately financed. Therefore, GRB enhances the oversight and accountability role that parliaments have on national planning and budgeting processes.

This guide had been developed to serve as a quick resource for parliamentarians on GRB; supporting your contribution to open, accountable and transparent planning and budgeting for gender equality.

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Geographic coverage: Latin America and the Caribbean

Subject area(s): Gender-responsive budgeting; Gender equality and inequality; Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Publication year: 2019