CARICOM Gender Equality Indicators

The CARICOM GEI framework originates from the “Minimum Set of Gender Indicators,” developed by the UN and ratified in 2013.

The Minimum Gender Indicators roster consists of 52 quantitative indicators and 11 qualitative indicators that measure gender equality and progress towards closing gender gaps.

The 33 CARICOM GEI “localize” the global Minimum Gender Indicators and are designed to facilitate government and civil society efforts to track and assess gender equality concerns and disparities across the CARICOM region. This document lists the CARICOM GENDER EQUALITY INDICATORS.

The following indicators will be monitored for possible inclusion in the CARICOM GEI list:

  • Unmet need for Contraception rate
  • Proportion of expenditure on health that is out-of-pocket (directly met by individuals)
  • Proportion of population having access to ante-retroviral therapy by age and sex out of total that are eligible

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Geographic coverage: Latin America and the Caribbean

Subject area(s): Gender equality and inequality

Publication year: 2019