CEDAW Made Easy - Question-Answer Booklet

CEDAW Made Easy - Question and Answer Booklet
#RESOURCESUPDATE. This Booklet is designed to provide you with a snapshot view of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) and to raise awareness of the rights to which women are entitled under the Convention so that you can use it to bring about concrete improvements in the lives of Caribbean women.
The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are firmly grounded in the UN’s human rights treaties, including CEDAW.
This question and answer booklet is a useful resource for women’s human rights advocates, government officials, students, teachers, practitioners and any person who wants to know more about women’s rights.
CEDAW’s overarching principle of substantive equality for women has now been given clear Goals, Targets and Indicators within the SDGs/2030 Agenda.  Under this new global framework, the UN Women Multi-Country Office – Caribbean will continue its efforts to advocate for the translation of these important international commitments into a lived and breathed reality for women and men as well as girls and boys in the region.
A listing of relevant websites and updated resources are included in this second edition, to assist you in identifying additional sources of information on CEDAW and other tools designed to achieve women’s equal rights. You can also find your country’s latest report and the Committee’s Concluding Observations highlighting the successes and suggestions as to how to overcome challenges. The full text of the Convention is included at the end of the Booklet.

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