Summary, National Women’s Health Survey for Trinidad and Tobago, 2017

Jeffrey Stern, Isiuwa Iyahen, Sharon Carter-Burke

The National Women’s Health Survey for Trinidad and Tobago survey analysis reveals that in the 15 to 64-year-old age bracket, over 100,000 women in Trinidad and Tobago have experienced one or more acts of physical and/or sexual violence perpetrated by male partners; approximately 11,000 are likely to still be in abusive relationships.


Gender-Based Violence in Trinidad and Tobago, A Qualitative Study documented the gender-based violence that Trinidadian and Tobagonian women face, exploring variations in severity, emotional abuse, controlling behaviours, threats, stalking and sexual and physical violence. The quantitative survey results reinforce the qualitative study’s findings. The core of the qualitative study was based on a thorough desk review, 38 extensive interviews and 14 in-depth focus group discussions (a total of 122 persons participated in the study).


The reports were designed as a starting point for closing the information gap, providing data and recommendations in an effort to enrich the dialogue on violence against women and girls, inform the policy agenda and to enhance governmental and civil society programming.

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