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Inter-ministerial Committee on the National Strategic Action Plan on Gender-Based and Sexual Violence, and the Office of the Prime Minister, Gender Affairs Division; UN Women Consultant Leisa Perch – SAEDI Consulting

The National Strategic Action Plan on Gender-Based Violence and Sexual Violence (NSAP GBV & SV) 2023 – 2027 of Trinidad and Tobago is an evidence-based strategy that seeks to eliminate gender-based violence (GBV) and sexual violence (SV) within the national community while enhancing the rights and safety of all women, girls, men and boys.

The NSAP GBV & SV serves to eliminate GBV & SV, which disproportionately harms women and girls, through strengthened and gender-responsive public, private and civil society partnerships. The structure of NSAP GBV & SV is organised around prevention, protection, prosecution, punishment and the effective provision of redress for victims and survivors of GBV & SV, including children, the elderly and persons with disabilities. This plan includes specialised services for key populations and localised programming.

The National Plan puts in place a national framework to inform and guide the responsibility of Government/Government Agencies, CSOs, the private sector, businesses, families and the community in preventing and responding to gender-based violence in all its forms. It also delineates the key areas of focus and the required contributions from each stakeholder group to carry out the initiatives outlined across five distinct outcomes.


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