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The Spotlight Initiative thematic focus in the Caribbean is the reduction in prevalence and incidence of family violence. Family violence includes physical, social, sexual, economic and psychological/emotional abuse and acts of aggression within relationships that are considered as family connections or akin to family. The definition is guided by the domestic violence legislation across the region and the Initiative will take a non-discriminatory approach in advancing a comprehensive approach for all regardless of social status, location, identity or sexual orientation.
UN Women Caribbean Regional Spotlight Initiative Small Grant Advertisement on Responding to the impact of family violence on survivors and groups facing multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination/marginalisation in the Caribbean
UN-Women Multi Country Office - Barbados invites interested International experts or team of experts to apply for a consultancy on "Guiding the implementation of National Prevalence Surveys on Gender-Based Violence in the Caribbean ".  The consultancy is home based, with regular travel to the Caribbean and will be for approximately 120 working days within the period March 2015 and December 2016. See More at