On the job and open for business: The United Nations in solidarity with the Caribbean on COVID-19

Date: Wednesday, March 18, 2020

17 March 2020 - As each individual and every country confronts coronavirus (COVID-19) and works to contain its impact, the United Nations System in the Caribbean confirms its readiness to support the people and governments of the region right to the end of this public health emergency.

The UN has taken steps to safeguard the health of its staff while sustaining its full operations so it can deliver to those most in need, particularly those who are most vulnerable to the impact of COVID-19. For many UN staff this already means working “from different locations, using different technologies” - in the words of the Secretary-General - to ensure the Organisation “remains open for business.”

In the Caribbean, this business includes providing technical assistance to governments on containing the virus and managing its impact; keeping everyone up to date on the latest information about the virus and its effect across the globe; and relaying PAHO/WHO’s advice to everyone on staying healthy and protecting each other while we battle this pandemic.

Our staff are also closely adhering to the guidelines and policies that host governments are introducing to manage the outbreak and protect residents, and we encourage each person to follow this guidance from the authorities in your own country. To complement this guidance, we also invite you to check updates from the UN (https://www.un.org/coronavirus) and advice for personal coronavirus prevention and care from WHO/PAHO (https://www.who.int/health-topics/coronavirus).  We’ll also keep you current about COVID-19 from our social media platforms.  

Across the Caribbean, in keeping with the Secretary-General’s global appeal to take care of each other, all staff are working to “keep each other safe, while continuing to deliver for the people we serve.”


United Nations Information Center for the Caribbean Area