Leaders in Action - Rita Hilton, Founder and CEO, Carita Jamaica; Michelle Smith, Founder and CEO, Chocolate Dreams; Jean Lowrie-Chin, Founder and Executive Chairperson, PROComm

WIN-WIN Leaders in Action
Imani Duncan -Price, Sarah Merusi and Robin Haarr

This publication navigates the entrepreneurial journeys of three women in business in Jamaica who are inspiring the next generation of women entrepreneurs, crafting women’s empowerment in the marketplace and boosting women’s empowerment in media. This Leaders in Action piece follows both the personal and professional experiences of business women in Jamaica who navigated the Financial crash of the 1990’s, divorce, no access to financial lines of credit, the Covid-19 pandemic and much more while still growing their businesses, mentoring younger entrepreneurs or committing to corporate social responsible projects that positively impacts the lives of the wider society.

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