Climate, Care & Financing: Accelerating Economic Recovery through Gender Lens Investment in the Caribbean Basin

Countries in the Caribbean Basin, many of which are SIDS, face unique economic/fiscal constraints and are among the world’s most at-risk for climate-related disasters. The pandemic exacerbated these challenges, especially for the region’s tourism-dependent economies, with devastating ripple effects on the agriculture sector. Persistent gender inequalities and labour force segregation mean women have been hit hardest, experiencing disproportionate job loss and burdening increased child and…

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Interview with Sannia Sutherland, Director of Prevention for Jamaica's National HIV/STI Programme

Date: Thursday, 17 April 2014

Jamaica's national response to HIV needs to better address the challenges faced by vulnerable persons, according to Sannia Sutherland, the Director of Prevention for Jamaica's National HIV/Sexually Transmitted Infection Programme. Here she highlights the way that higher unemployment levels among women can disproportionately affect their ability to practice safe sex. As she explains, many must choose between buying food for their family, and buying a condom. With women/girls between…

Caribbean Artists Kiokya Cruickshank & Patrice Roberts Say NO to Violence against Women (UNiTE PSA)

Date: Thursday, 17 April 2014

This Public Service Announcement is one of several featuring Caribbean Artists "UNiTEing" to End Violence Against Women.In this PSA, singer Kiokya Cruickshank, a native of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, together with soca artist Patrice Roberts, a Trinidad and Tobago national who has captured national and regional attention, encourage women to be strong and love themselves. (Producer: UNIFEM; Year of Release: 2010)